I come from a family of professional and home bakers. Growing up, there was almost no one more beloved to me than my grandma Nettie. I loved the amazing smells that would waft through the air as she cooked – sweet or savory, something delicious always appeared. From childhood through college, I learned from her, making frequent phone calls to Miami with questions, making sure to note my grandma’s personal touches – those extras that weren’t in the recipes but somehow improved upon them. I knew I was destined to be a world class bubbe one day.

After fifteen years playing part-time bubbe, while working a “real” job in public relations, I knew if I was really going to be a bubbe, I’d better start taking cooking seriously (and have some kids.)

In 2009 I hung up my PR hat and tied on an apron. I started Treat L.A. with the goodies my friends and family have enjoyed for years. Though they’re not exactly the baked goods my grandmother was known for, I know Grandma Nettie would be burning up the telephone wires telling all her friends.

I’m inspired by my two girls, Jordana and Amelia, who actually do ask at least once a day, “Mommy, can I have a treat?”